"Big" Ben Roethlisberger is the Pittsburgh Steelers' current starting quarterback. He is known for being difficult to sack due to his size, and able to throw great- and often late- passes, and is able to use his feet to make a play if need be. Ben is more or less a "jack of all trades" for QB skills. He was drafted in 2004 as a 2nd-string backup quarterback for the then-starting quarterback Tommy Maddox. When Maddox got a serious elbow injury early in the season, it was up to the new rookie quarterback, Ben, to lead the offense. Ben proved to be superb player and became the official starting quarterback for the Steelers. In 2005, he led the offense in Superbowl XL against the Seattle Seahawks and the Steelers won their first superbowl since the 70's, giving them a record-breaking 5 superbowl victories. Afterwards, Roethlisberger was accused of raping a woman, but there was no evidence at all that Ben had done anything wrong, and he remained on the team. A couple years later, in 2008, when Mike Tomlin had taken over as head coach when Bill Cowher retired, Ben once again led the offense into a superbowl, this time into Superbowl XLIII against the Arizona Cardinals. At the end of the game, Ben threw a pass to Santonio Holmes for a last minute touchdown that won the game. Afterwards, Ben was yet again accused of rape, but yet again there was no evidence. The NFL, however, decided to suspend Ben for the first few games of the week for allowing himself to get in a situation where an accusation- true or not- like that could be made, never mind for a second time. As of 2012, he has not been accused since, and is believed to have "reformed" (if reforming was necessary, he certainly seems to be more careful nowadays to not get in a situation like that again). He led the team once more to a superbowl in 2010 against the Green Bay Packers in Superbowl XLV, but the team lost to their opponents, partially due to injuries of some of their better players, like the star center Maurkice Pouncy and the star safety and defensive player of the year, Troy Polamalu, who played the game but was significantly slowed down by a foot injury from a game against the Cincinnati Bengals late in the 2010 season. Ben Roethlisberger is currently leading the team in the 2012 season.

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