The Rooney family has been the majority owners and operators of the Pittsburgh Steelers football team in Pittsburgh, PA since the formation of the franchise in 1933. Art Rooney was the founder and owner of the team until his death in 1988, ownership of the team was then transferred to Art's oldest son, Dan Rooney. In the recent years more of the front office operations have been passed down by Dan Rooney to his son and team president, Art Rooney II.

The more influential family members included:

The Rooneys have been credited for much of the team's success. Steelers' success all in the family. The fundamental approach the Rooney's approach to managing the Steelers has been through patience and consistency, both of which the ownership is continuously given notoriety for. In proof of the teams stability there have been only three head coaches employed since 1969, by far the least amount out of any other team in that time frame. Dan Rooney has made it a requirement for any team interviewing for a new head coach to interview a minority candidate, known as the "Rooney Rule".

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