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Hi there Edit

Good afternoon good sir, thank you for the welcome. There's not much content at all for sports on Wikia, but with football season starting up, I can't resist getting into the spirit right now. I should warn you, I'm a Packers fan and recently became admin at the Packers Wiki, so I may not be able to help out a ton as I'm starting-up that wiki. But if you're looking for some start-up help to get the site going, I'd be more than glad to help anytime. If you look at the Packers site, I got a couple years of Wikia experience and rather be innovative with Wikia rather than the typical stuff seen on Wikipedia and other Wikias. Also, another thing I've found that helps me out is to have a team media guide on hand. If it helps, I found this at this Steelers store site. Hope that helps! Spriggins 00:11, August 18, 2010 (UTC)

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